Tout les journalistes du Québec doivent demander pardon a M. Charest   Leave a comment

Just heard that  there’s a law that says that you can use trademarked images for parody purposes. So I think the cover used by MacLean’s is protected under the charter.   Maclean Hunter are « very strict » with all their journalists. I do think however that their wording could have been different specially for a cover story.

The worst of it is that Charest still doesn’t get yet …and that by refusing to order a commission on the construction’s doubtful procedures, he himself created the atmosphere that something wrong is being hidden. The citizens are not heard, so thank you Maclean for bringing it up to shake up our dear deaf Prime Minister.

Is he not aware that (not only Maclean’s) but « all the newpapers, TV shows, radio interviews including blogs like ours » have been heavily involved in treating the subject of alleged corruption in the Liberal party…why is he so surprised? CANADA BASHING!? Will he be asking all of our QUEBEC journalist to excuse themselves as well?

M. Charest , you definitely had it coming to you. Do not act like the offensed virgin! You do not make any sense…it’s time for you to step down.

cc: M. Charest


Publié 30 septembre 2010 par Renee Houde Edwardh dans Politiques Province du Québec

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